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When i get bored and need something to draw, I draw YouTube content providers who I like. Below are some of these. I usually have art prints made and send them to the YouTuber as a gift to say thank you for keeping me entertained. Often they show the drawings on their channel, which isn't necessary but is quite cool. Please check out their channels. I have provided links to each. I only follow the best.

Lucky Lou and Coco Too

Another beautiful sweet parrot got his angel wings. Prints of this drawing can be purchased in the store.

Click here to view this channel

David Navarro_2000_wm.jpg

Dave Navarro

Beautiful man. GOAT guitarist. Tattoo King. Just my tribute. His guitar had birds on the neck that were in various stages of flying. I took that as inspiration. Dave doesn't have his own YouTube channel so I'm linking to Ink Master and Jane's Addiction.

Click here to view Ink Master

Click here to view Jane's Addiction

The Vasc Beast
Dan Vasc

Odd one here. I used to be a huge fan. He is an absolutely brilliant artist. I love his music. But after getting to know him as a person, I realized he isn't a very good human being. So i'm not linking to his channel or recommending him to anyone. However, I still love the drawing so I've left it here. So sad when someone so beautiful on the outside chooses to be so ugly on the inside. 

The Vasc Beast

Sherpa and Jamie

 Follow this pair as they have adventures in the UK.

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YouTube Reactors

This is a collection of my favorite reactors. I mostly like them when they react to VoicePlay or Geoff Castellucci. No, these are not all of the reactors I watch but I had to stop somewhere. Maybe I’ll do another one sometime to get those I was’t able to add. If you are pictured, my apologies if you don’t like my version of you. I hope I don’t anger anyone because I do love all of you and your content. This was done as a tribute. Please take it as such. If you are pictured here and would like a gift of a print of the drawing, please message me. I would be honored to send you one. The YouTube channel names are at the bottom.


It's all good until it's not good.

Watch as he and his team of misfits take you through drain cleaning using high powered hydro jetting...Some are easy, some are dirty and some are downright stinky. But all are entertaining

Click here to view the channel

Layne Stein

Layne is a member of the popular a cappella group, VoicePlay. He is a vocal percussionist. He also has a production company called Pattycake Productions.

Click here to view Pattycake Production's channel

Click here to view VoicePlay's channel

Cesar De La Rosa

Cesar is the newest member of the popular a cappella group, VoicePlay. He is also a song writer and can be found on TikTok, Facebook and Instagram

Click here to view VoicePlay's channel

Geoff Castellucci

Geoff is a member of the popular a cappella group, VoicePlay. Geoff has his own solo channel and provides amazing videos of his covers. He is one of the best bass singers out there.

Click here to view Geoff's channel

Click here to view VoicePlay's channel

Eli Jacobson

Eli is a member of the popular a cappella group, VoicePlay. He has an amazing rock tenor sound. He also does lighting design. He has done the lighting on many of the VoicePlay and Geoff Castellucci videos.

Click here to view VoicePlay's channel

Bentley House Minis

Making whatever I feel like since 2008

She creates miniatures and throw in a little art here and there too. Amazing builds include a miniature Addams Family House and a Beetlejuice House

Click here to view the channel.

The Treasure Hunters
DALLMYD, Yappy, Jiggin' with Jordan

Jake, Tristin and Brandon are treasure hunters that find objects lost by people in the water and then try to return them to the owners. They also have some extreme hobbies. They are good guys who always try to leave nature in better shape than they found it.

Click here to view Jake's channel

Click here to view Tristin's channel

Click here to view Brandon's channel

The Batcave

Josh and James

Josh and James have several channels. I've done drawings for two. This is them as Batman and Robin battling the Joker (Saruman) in Middle Earth. You will also see the below for their Lord of the Rings Channel.

Click here to view the Batcave channel

The Broken Sword

Josh and James

Josh and James produce beautiful Tolkien videos and also have a gaming channel. Here they are enjoying a RPG with the Fellowship.

Click here to view the Broken Sword channel

Click here to view the Tabletop Alliance

628 Dirt Rooster


628 Dirt Rooster channel is a beekeeping channel dedicated to learning by doing and having fun in the process. He is a hobby beekeeper and the main subject of this channel is beekeeping.

Click here to view 628 Dirt Rooster's channel

Einstein Parrot

Einstein, Marcia, and Jeff

Einstein the Talking Texan Parrot is a silly, smart, and popular parrot who loves to talk and entertain! Creating a better world by spreading smiles to people and their parrots and raising funds for parrot rescue. This drawing is a picture of Einstein and some of his favorite things. I sold prints of this drawing to raise money for parrot rescue.

Click here to view Eintein's channel

Lucky Loo and Coco Too


This channel follows life with 7 parrots. Danita rescues parrots and brings them into her family. There is always something going on. One of the favorite characters on the show was Pink Floyd. Sadly he passed away last year and I sold prints of this drawing to raise money for parrot rescue.

Click here to view this channel

Quinn's Ideas


Quinn's channel covers a lot of syfi subjects but I focused on the ones about the Dune books and movies. I drew Quinn as a fremen. I was never able to get this drawing to Quinn so if you are reading this Quinn, reach out.

Click here to view this channel

Ben's Worx


Ben is a resin and wood artist. Each week he creates awesome new projects or conduct cool experiments. He also makes eggs, which you can find on Etsy. This is a drawing inspired by Ben's love of all things syfi. Movies represented are: ET, The Hulk, Star Wars, Star Trek, Back to the Future, Inception, The Fifth Element, Dune, Dr Who, The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, Jurassic Park, Lord of the Rings, Avatar, Batman, Superman, Spiderman, King Kong, 2001 a Space Odyssey, Close Encounters of the Third Kind, Planet of the Apes, Minority Report and the Matrix. Can you find them all?

Click here to view the channel

Rob Finds Treasure


Rob is a coin collector and has fun live streams and a strong community of coin enthusiasts on his channel. This is a  drawing of his beloved dog Kai.

Click here to view the channel

Rafi Was Here


Rafi and his wife Klee are the founders of the Rogue Artist Movement and a great inspiration to everyone.

Click here to view the channel

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